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3Y Collector Box

3Y Collector Box

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‘3Y Collector Box’ is a limited edition vinyl box set celebrating the 3th anniversary of Charlotte de Witte’s boutique label KNTXT.

The box set includes 5 limited edition vinyls released in the label’s third year, featuring music from Charlotte de Witte, Amazingblaze, Alignment, and Indira Paganotto.

The EP covers are a design by Bureau Borsche with cover photography by Pozvyn, Marie Wynants, Laurent Noichl, Marie Wynants and Nacho Dorado.
It will feature 4 limited edition versions of each EP on clear vinyl, 1 x KNTXT017 on Picture Disc 12” With Mirror Board Printed Inner Sleeve and an exclusive limited edition 3Y box t-shirt.

The limited edition 3Y t-shirt is a box only exclusive.

The box set was custom designed for the anniversary release by Adriaan Tas.
Its design is based upon the initial KNTXT branding with a high-end approach to the label’s aesthetic.
A remarkable addition to your record collection.

* Order confirmation letter sent by post.
* Bespoke hand-crafted box with pearl cold foil finish and clear perspex slipcase.
* Certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Charlotte de Witte.
* 5 x 140gr limited edition clear vinyl 12” records KNTXT014 - KNTXT018

Shipping starts 4 weeks after your purchase.

Content overview:
KNTXT014 - Amazingblaze - Venture EP (Limited edition)
A1 - Venture (Original Mix)
A2 - Inner Fire (Original Mix)
B1 - Flashback (Original Mix)
B2 - Neutron (Original Mix)

KNTXT015 - Charlotte de Witte - Universal Consiousness EP (Limited edition)
A1 - Satori (Original Mix)
A2 - Kali (Original Mix)
B1 - Universal Consciousness (Original Mix)
B2 - Ahimsa (Original Mix)

KNTXT016 - Alignment - Attack EP (Limited edition)
A1 - Attack (Original Mix)
A2 - Dream State (Original Mix)
B1 - Multiverse (Original Mix)
B2 - The Way (Original Mix)

KNTXT017 - Charlotte de Witte -Apollo EP (Limited edition)
A1 - Missing Channel (Original Mix)
A2 - Apollo (Original Mix)
B1 - Mercury (Original Mix)
B2 - PPC (Original Mix)

KNTXT018 - Indira Paganotto - Lions Of God EP (Limited edition)
A1 - Legend (Original Mix)
A2 - Diabla (Original Mix)
B1 - Angels Never Die (Original Mix)
B2 - Lions Of God (Original Mix)

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