KNTXT SHOP by Charlotte de Witte Google Shopping Formula EP pre-order Formula EP pre-order Default Title Pre-order available now. Shipping expected end of June A1. DopplerA2. RPMB1. Formula KNTXT010 - 12” vinyl 6614495264939 39559885324459 new 14,95 EURin stock false Charlotte de Witte KNT/Vin/10/x vinyl 0.25 kg 1Y Collector Box 1Y Collector Box Default Title '1Y Collector Box’ is a limited edition vinyl box set celebrating the 1st anniversary of Charlotte de Witte’s boutique label KNTXT. The box set includes all 7 releases debuted in the label’s first year of existence, featuring music from Charlotte de Witte, Chris Liebing, Monoloc and Alignment. In addition it premiers the unreleased white label track ‘Lighthouse’ by Charlotte de Witte.This vinyl only track will exclusively be available via the box. Available via pre-order only, delivery of the box is set for end of April. All vinyl are pressed on 140gr black vinyl. The KNTXTW01 release is a vinyl only release. The EP covers are a design by Bureau Borsche with cover photography by Marie Wynants, Augustin Farias, Salar Kheradpejouh and Lennert Madou. The box set was custom designed for the anniversary release by Adriaan Tas.Its design is based upon the initial KNTXT branding with a high-end approach to the label’s aesthetic.A remarkable addition to your record collection. * Order confirmation letter sent by post.* Bespoke hand-crafted box with silver cold foil finish and neon perspex slipcase.* Certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Charlotte de Witte.* 7 x 140gr black vinyl 12” records KNTXT001 - KNTXT007* 1 x 140gr black vinyl 12” Collector Box exclusive white label - KNTXTW01* Limited edition* All orders will be dispatched mid March.* Delivery date: mid March   Content overview : KNTXT001 - Chris Liebing & Charlotte de Witte - Liquid Slow EPA1 - Liquid Slow (Original Mix)B1 - In Memory (Original Mix) KNTXT002 - Charlotte de Witte - Selected EPA1 - Selected (Original Mix)A2 - Form (Original Mix)B1 - Time (Original Mix)B2 - Amar (Original Mix) KNTXT003 - Charlotte de Witte - Pressure EPA1 - Pressure (Original Mix)A2 - Meridians (Vocal Mix)B1 - Meridians (Dub Mix)B2 - Pattern (Original Mix) KNTXT004 - Monoloc - Left The Planet EPA1 - Sum (Original Mix)A2 - Left The Planet (Original Mix)B1 - Sky Is Broken (Original Mix)B2 - Fender (Original Mix) KNTXT005 - Alignment - Time EPA1 - Time (Original Mix)A2 - Reverse (Original Mix)B1 - Automatic Control (Original Mix)B2 - Inner Voice (Original Mix) KNTXT006 - Charlotte de Witte - Return To Nowhere EPA1 - Sgadi Li Mi (Original Mix)A2 - Return To Nowhere (Original Mix)B1 - Ensemble (Original Mix)B2 - What’s In The Past (Original Mix) KNTXT007 - Charlotte de Witte - Rave On Time EPA1 - Rave On Time (Original Mix)A2 - There’s No One Left To Trust (Original Mix)B1 - The World Inside (Original Mix)B2 - Common Era (Original Mix) KNTXTW01 - Charlotte de Witte - LighthouseA1 - Lighthouse (Original Mix) 6099477889195 37650396053675 new 197,50 EURin stock false KNTXT vinyl 2.8 kg Selected EP Selected EP Default Title A1. SelectedA2. FormB1. Time B2. Amar KNTXT002 - 12” vinyl 6614482354347 39559843610795 new 14,95 EURin stock false Charlotte de Witte KNT/Vin/2/x vinyl 0.25 kg Rave On Time EP Rave On Time EP Default Title A1. Rave On TimeA2. There's No One Left To TrustB1. The World InsideB2. Common Era KNTXT007 - 12” vinyl 6614490775723 39559867826347 new 14,95 EURin stock false Charlotte de Witte KNT/Vin/7/x vinyl 0.25 kg Return To Nowhere EP Return To Nowhere EP Default Title A1. Sgadi Li MiA2. Return To Nowhere B1. EnsembleB2. What's In the Past KNTXT006 - 12” vinyl 6614489268395 39559865467051 new 14,95 EURin stock false Charlotte de Witte KNT/Vin/6/x vinyl 0.25 kg Pressure EP Pressure EP Default Title A1. PressureA2. Meridians (Vocal Mix)B1. Meridians (Dub Mix)B2. Pattern KNTXT003 - 12” vinyl 6614484189355 39559851671723 new 14,95 EURin stock false Charlotte de Witte KNT/Vin/3/x vinyl 0.25 kg Nothingness EP Nothingness EP Default Title A1. NothingnessA2. InjectionB1. ReverberatedB2. Sensory Deprivation KNTXT008  - 12” vinyl 6614492315819 39559874543787 new 14,95 EURin stock false Alignment KNT/Vin/8/x vinyl 0.25 kg Lost Angeles EP pre-order Lost Angeles EP pre-order Default Title Pre-order available now.  Shipping expected end of May A1. The Way it Is A2. Lucid B1. LXD B2. Lost Angeles KNTXT009 - 12” vinyl 6614494052523 39559882834091 new 14,95 EURin stock false ONYVAA KNT/Vin/9/x vinyl 0.25 kg Time EP Time EP Default Title A1. TimeA2. ReverseB1. Automatic ControlB2. Inner Voice KNTXT005 - 12” vinyl 6614488023211 39559861633195 new 14,95 EURin stock false Alignment KNT/Vin/5/x vinyl 0.25 kg Liquid Slow EP Liquid Slow EP Default Title A. Liquid Slow B. In Memory KNTXT001 - 12” vinyl  6614478848171 39559829225643 new 14,95 EURin stock false Charlotte de Witte KNT/Vin/1/x vinyl 0.25 kg Left The Planet EP Left The Planet EP Default Title A1. SumA2. Left The PlanetB1. Sky Is BrokenB2. Fender KNTXT004 - 12” vinyl 6614485762219 39559856292011 new 14,95 EURin stock false Monoloc KNT/Vin/4/x vinyl 0.25 kg